Specialist Certificate


Specialist certificates enable working adults to update their knowledge and upgrade their skills required in key growth sectors to keep pace with the fast-changing economy. Each specialist certificate comprises of modules which are taken from the Undergraduate Full Degree Programme in key growth sectors in engineering and computing. These modular courses can also be taken individually and each course lasts for one semester of 13 weeks.

Each course is credit bearing and can be stackable to the relevant degree. There will be continuous assessments during course period and a final exam at the end of the course which contribute to a final grade. The maximum candidature period for earning a Specialist Certificate is 3 years from the first enrolled Specialist Certificate course under the specific certificate. A certificate will be awarded to the successful participants upon completion of courses.​

Specialist Certificate in Emerging Sectors

​. Manufacturing Engineering
. Civil Infrastructure​
. Electrical Power Systems​
. Power and Clean Energy
. Software Basics II​​
. Cyber Security
. Communication Networks​​

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