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Semester - Long Courses

​​NTU PACE College offers Semester–Long Courses (SLCs) which are bite-sized modular courses taken from both the Undergraduate and Graduate Full Degree Programmes.

These courses can also be taken individually, are credit-bearing, and can be stackable to the relevant certificate and degree.There will be continuous assessments during course period and a final exam at the end of the course which contribute to a final grade.

Specialist Certificate Courses enable workingadults to update their knowledge and upgrade their skills required in key growth sectors to keep pace with the fast-changing economy.

There are 10 Specialist Certificates which consist of modules taken from the Undergraduate Full Degree across a wide spectrum of disciplines such as Electrical Power System, Manufacturing Engineering, Robotics Software, Civil Infrastructure, Software Basics II, Cyber Security and more.

SkillsFuture Study Award for Power Sector is available for​ application. Click here for more information and the list of eligible courses.

Click here for the list of Spe​cialist Certificate Courses


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There are 2 Graduate Certificate Courses which consist of modules taken from the Postgraduate Full Degree Programme in key growth sectors such as Electronics and Power Engineering.

SkillsFuture Study Award for Power Sector is available for application.
Click here for more information and the list of eligible courses.​

Click here for the list of Graduate Certificate Courses.

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Standalone courses enable working professionals to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge on specific topics as well as acquire relevant skills without the necessity to pursue a full degree qualification.

The courses are drawn from NTU’s existing full qualification programmes, andcategorised in Engineering, Sciences, Computing, and Business fields.Some of these courses have been developed for technology-enhanced learning using the new flipped classroom pedagogy. Participants’ access and study course materials online before meeting classmates and their professors in face-to-face discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Full online courses on selected fields are also available. These online courses will provide you ways to learn and go deeper into the field anywhere and anytime at your convenience.

>> Click here for the list of Standalone SLC.

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Our Semester-Long Courses offered under the SkillsFuture Series covers various emerging areas including Cyber SecurityData AnalyticsEntrepreneurshipAdvanced Manufacturing, Finance​ and more. They comprise curated work skills to equip you with relevant skills sets to meet changing job demands that provide funding support towards your course fees.

>> Click here for more information and the list of SkillsFuture Series Courses.

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For course enquiries, please email​​​​​​​ or contact them at 6592 3702 /6790 6672​.​

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